Our breakfast:

Breakfast is served between 08:30 and 10:00. However, for special needs, we have some flexibility for hours. The breakfast is plentiful, homemade and it is offered in 3 services.

First service (entry):

Upon arrival at the table, a delightful bread or muffin-style awaits you and a choice of orange juice or old-fashioned apple juice is served. Coffee, tea and herbal teas are available at will.

Second service (main dish):

For the main dish, at the discretion of the cooker, one of the following dishes is served:

  • French toast with caramelized apples;

  • Pancake stuffed with ham with white sauce in parmesan cheese and lightly gratinated;

  • Fine seasonal fruit pancakes served with maple syrup;

  • Ham and mushroom omelette with browned potatoes and fruit;

  • Homemade waffles with strawberry sauce or applesauce;

  • Openwork bread with eggs, ham and vegetables, accompanied by fruits of the season.

  • Alternatively, at the discretion of the cook.

Third service (breakfast dessert):

  • Panna cotta garnished with a homemade jam and sprinkled with granola;

  • Trio of melon;

  • Yogurt and raspberry pie;

  • Hot apple sauce;

  • Chocolate fondant heart;

  • Squares on dates or raspberry.

Note 1: If you have food allergies, it is important to notify us at least one day in advance. For us, customer satisfaction is our priority.

Note 2: In order to meet your needs, it is always possible to serve a variety of cereals (Raisin Bran, Muslix, Gluten-free, etc.).

Good breakfast (Bon déjeuner !)

B&B La Marmotte Eastman

466, rue Principale

Eastman, Québec, J0E 1P0

Phone: 450-297-4241

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